• New Heaven Dive School Koh Tao

    New Heaven Dive School Koh Tao

  • Experience the magic diving of Koh Tao!

    Experience the magic diving of Koh Tao!

  • Small Groups For A Relaxed And Safe Diving Experience

    Small Groups For A Relaxed And Safe Diving Experience

  • Yoga Classes, Retreats And Workshops

    Yoga Classes, Retreats And Workshops

  • New Heaven Dive School

    New Heaven is a Koh Tao dive school with a difference. New Heaven is a family owned business, established on Koh Tao in the Gulf of Thailand in 1995. We were one of the first dive schools on the island, yet remain one of smallest.

    New Heaven Dive School specialises in relaxed diving with small groups. We offer all SSI an PADI dive courses from beginner to professional levels, with no more than 4 people per group.

    Our professional staff is able to provide a unique and personalized diving experience. So if you are looking to learn scuba diving, or would just like to join us for some fun in the sea, contact us or explore the New Heaven Dive School website to find out more.

    An oasis in the middle of the sea…

    We at New Heaven Dive School are dedicated to upholding responsible eco-tourism with marine conservation, safety, and quality. With our coral reef conservation projects, New Heaven Reef Conservation Program and Conservation Diver Courses, we strive to promote sustainable business practices that will preserve this tropical island paradise so it may be enjoyed for generations to come. We welcome you to New Heaven Dive School Koh Tao.

    When you come to our dive school you are not only one of our valued customers, but you also become a part of the New Heaven family. We are able to offer you a more holistic holiday experience with our Yoga and Ayurvedic health classes taught overlooking the pristine Chalok Ban Kao bay.

    Discover why our customers choose New Heaven Dive School and keep coming back year after year.

  • The New Heaven Vision

    We made our home on Koh Tao’s island paradise and we aim to keep it like that. 

    From our early days at New Heaven Dive School we always put the ocean first. Our staff members are known around the island as the ones to call if there’s an injured turtle or an abandoned net. We care about our home and we hope to share this compassion with each of our students as well. We certify divers not just so they can enjoy the beautiful coral and marine life Koh Tao has to offer, but so they can be part of a global protection effort: the conservation of our oceans. This environmentally conscious mindset applies above the surface too. At our sister restaurant, Koppee, we have eliminated plastic and use silverware and stainless steel straws. We encourage our students to use reusable water bottles and say “no” to plastic bags. 

    For our visitors that resonate with our environmentally conscious practices and want to get more involved in our marine ecosystem, New Heaven Dive School is home to a well developed marine conservation program, New Heaven Reef Conservation Program offering certifications through Conservation Diver. Our fantastic instructors give daily lectures and take divers deeper into the ecology and characteristics of our reef. 

  • Why Dive with Us?

    At New Heaven Dive School we run on island time.

    Who wants to be rushed during their tropical island vacation? We have no preset schedule so every day differs slightly to accommodate our customers’ needs. We do not hurry through skills during a course to meet a deadline. We want to enable both our instructors and our students to take their time to ensure both a safe and enjoyable diving and training experience. 

    Our small group sizes both in classes and fun dives enable our instructors to address our students’ needs individually. All of our instructors and dive masters are very familiar with Koh Tao’s reefs and marine ecosystem and have been trained in conservation diving. By sharing how much we care about our marine environment with our customers, we hope to pass on this passion and respect to everyone who comes to the school as well. 

  • Our Story

    New Heaven Dive School was originally started in June 1995 by Kampanat NaSongkhla, or P’Kong, when he started diving from the beach in Chalok Bay with just 2 sets of dive equipment, 4 tanks, and a small longtail boat. From these humble beginnings, P’Kong looked to introduce visitors to the beauty of Koh Tao’s underwater world and treated every customer as a dear friend, which they inevitably all became.
    One of Koh Tao's first Eco Warriors, P'Kong  was passionate about ensuring that this paradise of the Gulf would remain such for years to come. To some he was known as the ‘Koh Tao GreenPeace,” and there are many stories about him saving sea turtles from fisherman, chasing illegal fisherman from Shark Island, installing some of the first mooring lines, and other very progressive stances on being responsible for the marine resources around the place he loved. 
    The story of New Heaven Dive School continues through fire, loss, and rebuilding to bring our visitors the dive school that stands today and continues to work towards marine education and exploration. Read more here.


Koh Tao is known for its high level of scuba training and New Heaven is no exception, with our small group sizes and experienced instructors with multiple languages we cater for all levels of divers, whether taking your first diving course – and becoming an Open Water Diver, or more experienced divers wishing to fundive to see the amazing underwater world we have here. Being a dive school with a focus on marine conservation our divemasters are highly knowledgeable about the coral reef and marine life that Koh Tao has to offer.


Yoga classes are held daily on the decking above the dive shop looking out on the beautiful waters of Chalok Baan Kao Bay. For those who have a little longer or want to focus on the more on the yoga, we hold monthly yoga retreats at our Baan Talay Resort which last for 5 days and focus, amongst many things, on developing your own individual practice and AYP techniques.


Aow Leuk Bay is situated on the East coast of the island and is home to our Baan Talay Resort where we a handful of stunning bungalows blended seamlessly into the lush Koh Tao hillside. The peace and serenity you will experience here is untouched and has access down to the coral reef for some of the islands best snorkeling. For those wanting to be nearer the beach and road for easy access to shops and restaurants we have a couple of Beach Villas next to the dive shop on Chalok Baan Kao beach front. Accommodation in the Pool Villas and at Baan Talay has reduced rates for people taking dive courses or yoga retreats with us.


Marine conservation courses are offered for many different topics of the marine environment. Our marine conservation programs run for a few days to a few months and can be tailored to individuals requiring research or data for university papers. We are continually building and maintaining artificial reefs, and recently have been carefully studying coral spawning and monitoring the increase of Drupella snails around the dive sites of Koh Tao. Please take a look at our full list and details of the conservation projects we are involved in.

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