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4-week Marine Conservation Course

31 July 2023
New Heaven Dive School, Chalok Baan Kao, Koh Tao
Mon 31,  09:00 - Aug 25,  17:00

Week 1 – Ecological monitoring surveys

You’ll learn a wide range of skills, from collecting data on invertebrates to assessing the health of coral reefs. We’ll guide you through the process of surveying and through even classifying 23 different coral species.

Week 2 – Coral week

Get ready to learn how to repair coral and artificial reefs! You’ll discover how to construct and install artificial coral structures, with a focus on techniques that consider the growth and development of coral reefs. You’ll also have the chance to learn about innovative devices designed to accelerate coral growth, often referred to as “Mineral Accretion.” You’ll gain hands-on experience in coral conservation through engaging practices and surveys. Additionally, you’ll even have the exciting opportunity to design and build artificial coral structures from land.

Week 3 – Marine life

This interesting week is all about little critters to big creatures of the underwater world that are found on and off the reef. Sea slugs, Seahorses, Sharks, and Turtles this week have them all. We will walk you through the importance of some of the most unusual-looking living things on the reef. Discover the threats that are facing them as well as the work we have been doing to learn more about these species and ways in which we can protect them.

Week 4 – Advanced week

This week we will focus on building on the information learned in previous weeks. We step into the next level of coral taxonomy, work on your knot-tying skills as we show you how to install and maintain mooring lines, explore advanced underwater survey techniques, and end with learning more about marine debris and the damage it is causing to our oceans.