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Drone view New Heaven Dive School at Chalok beach
Drone view New Heaven Dive School at Chalok beach


Our Story

The New Heaven Family has a rich history in the world of diving, dating back to 1995. As one of the oldest dive schools in Koh Tao, they have witnessed significant growth from humble beginnings. Initially equipped with just two sets of equipment, four air tanks, and a single long tail boat, they have evolved into a warm and welcoming school that prioritizes quality above all else. Every member of the New Heaven Family is passionate about diving and approaches their craft with genuine dedication. Their mission goes beyond merely enjoying the underwater world; they are committed to preserving its precious resources. In fact, they were the pioneers of the first conservation diving program on Koh Tao, taking steps to ensure the environment remains protected for future generations.

About New Heaven Dive School


The roots of the New Heaven Family trace back to two best friends, Uncle Kong Kampanart Na Songkhla (King Kong), who became Koh Tao’s first Thai divemaster, and Devrim Zahir, a Cypriot-Turkish diver with English upbringing and a deep love for the ocean. Together, they laid the foundation for a business that not only thrived but also prioritized sustainability and community well-being.

Sadly, in 1998, Uncle Kong passed away due to a congenital disease. Despite this loss, Devrim and his wife, affectionately known as Mama Kaen, Uncle Kong’s beloved sister, continued to manage the diving school with unwavering determination. They not only upheld the legacy but also expanded their endeavors with a socially responsible approach, seeking to benefit both the environment and the local community.

In the present day, the New Heaven Family is in the process of passing the torch to the next generation, with Khan Zahir at the helm. Khan is a long-time instructor and a native of Koh Tao, which gives him an intimate understanding of the underwater environment in the area. His extensive knowledge and experience make him the ideal person to oversee the dive school, manage the boat team, and ensure the happiness of all divers who come their way. With Khan’s dedication and expertise, the New Heaven Family continues to thrive and uphold their commitment to preserving the beauty and resources of the underwater world.


Devrim New Heaven

Devrim Zahir
(Founder/Freediving School Director)

The founder of New Heaven Dive School, with over 30 years of diving experience, Devrim is your go-to expert for Freediving, Scuba Diving, Marine Conservation, and Yoga. His teaching style is characterized by kindness, passion, and compassion, making the learning experience not only educational but also enjoyable. His commitment to honest and meaningful business practices is a testament to his dedication. He strives to guide all his students in harnessing the power of time-tested practices and modern scientific knowledge, pushing the boundaries of human existence. You’ll not only learn but also embark on a transformative journey.

Khan New Heaven

Khan Zahir
(Owner/Scuba Diving Instructor)

A young owner with 16 years of diving experience in Koh Tao. His deep-rooted connection to the sea traces back to his early childhood. Inheriting the family legacy, Khan now steers the ship of the New Heaven Dive School. Transitioning from daily dives to a managerial role, he oversees a team of dedicated Instructors and Divemasters, manages the fleet of boats and their crews, and assumes various responsibilities. Khan is one of the most honest people you would ever know, like his father. His leadership is marked by a relaxed and friendly atmosphere that he has cultivated within the school, making it a welcoming haven for divers of all backgrounds.

Turan Zahir
(Freediving Instructor/Yoga Teacher)

The youngest instructor at New Heaven Dive School, a true local talent, born and raised in Koh Tao. He is not only a certified Freediving instructor but also well-versed in Yoga. His journey into the world of diving began at the age of 8. His dedication to a healthy lifestyle and fitness shines through, making him one of the healthiest and strongest individuals you’ll come across. Turan’s teaching style is dynamic and filled with excitement. This talented pure soul believes in infusing a sense of adventure into every lesson, taking students on exhilarating underwater journeys as well as traveling inside your mind to find your inner peace in a single breath. 

Kaen Maleephan Zahir

The driving force behind New Heaven’s success. When her brother and the school’s founder, Kampanat Na Songkhla, lost his battle with cancer in 1998, Maleephan, alongside her husband Devrim Zahir, took up the mantle. Maleephan showcased her culinary talents at the beloved Koppee Restaurant next door, together with Baan Talay Restaurant founded in 2007. She also shares her late brother’s passion for marine conservation preserving marine life and coral reefs. She bridges the gap between the Thai authorities, the local community, and the team at New Heaven, all united in their mission to protect the underwater world.

Kirsty New Heaven Marine Conservation

Kirsty Magson
(Marine Conservation Program Director)

Our passionate marine biologist at New Heaven Family originally from England. With over eight years of dedication to marine conservation and biology on Koh Tao, Kirsty is the heart and soul of our New Heaven Reef Conservation Program. She serves as the program director, lecturer, dive leader, thesis consultant, marine scientist, and researcher. Kirsty is also, guiding students in hands-on underwater experiences. Their dives are extraordinary, focusing on collecting crucial underwater data. Kirsty’s love for Koh Tao is evident, making her an integral part of the community. Her true home is the ocean, where her heart belongs.

Matilde Baruffaldi
(Marine Conservation Instructor)

From Ferrara, Italy, Matilde’s heart has always been drawn to tropical places. Armed with a degree in Marine Biology, she recognized the importance of deepening her knowledge before taking action in marine conservation. Matilde’s technical skills extend beyond conservation diving; she’s also a certified divemaster. Her passion for safeguarding endangered ecosystems is evident in her dedication to coral conservation and reef restoration. Matilde’s journey from intern to team member is a testament to the transformative impact of passion and dedication in the world of conservation.

George Mullholland
(Scuba Diving Instructor)

A native of Bristol, England, had his first taste of scuba diving in the waters of Koh Tao in 2005, and fell deeply in love with the underwater world. A decade later, he felt a strong pull back to this tropical paradise, dedicating 3 weeks of his life to volunteer at the New Heaven Reef Conservation program. This experience deepened his passion for the ocean. In 2017, he answered the call of Koh Tao once again, completing another 3 weeks volunteer program and also achieving the dive-master level. George is no longer compelled to traverse the globe in 2023, he is now our main instructor, sharing his profound enthusiasm for diving, conservation, and the vast mysteries of the ocean with us.

Mun Wasupon Tarntira (Divemaster/Freediving Instructor)

From a classical musician to a Divemaster and now a Freediving Instructor, Mun’s journey is nothing short of inspiring. For over a decade, Mun dedicated himself to music as well as teaching at a University of Music. Yet, his deep-seated passion for diving lured him to our community, starting with his very first course. Mun’s passion extends to both music and diving. He’s all about making people happy, whether through melodies or underwater adventures. With a teacher’s spirit, Mun not only guides divers but also imparts his wisdom. He appreciates the camaraderie and warmth of our community, and if he could, he’d dive every day. Mun stands as a testament to the endless possibilities of exploring new horizons.

Chen Papatsarin Sarutipreecharoj

Our beloved member and the favorite dive leader among our customers. Chen’s not just an interior designer but also an exceptional dive leader with a deep passion for diving. Her attention to detail, honed through her design skills, helps her expertly navigate underwater, uncovering hidden treasures. What sets Chen apart is her remarkable journey from initially grappling with fear during her very first dive with us to becoming the understanding and compassionate dive leader she is today. Her ability to connect with people from all walks of life is truly exceptional. Chen’s warmth, professionalism, and adaptability shine through as she effortlessly connects with divers of all ages, genders, and nationalities.

Aiya Bhattaramark

A young divemaster, who has become an integral part of New Heaven. From her early childhood visits with her own family, she has transitioned into an enthusiastic member of our community. She now contributes to leading fun dives, sharing innovative ideas, and fostering a warm atmosphere at our school.  Aiya is a talented freediver with aspirations to become one of our freediving instructors. Her exceptional qualities include kindness, intelligence, adaptability, and an unwavering willingness to step outside her comfort zone. Aiya is truly an extraordinary young individual fearlessly exploring the boundaries of human potential with wisdom beyond her years.

Paewa New Heaven Dive School

Paewa Narisa Boonyawong (Receptionist/Customer Relations)

The radiant and energetic soul behind the front desk at New Heaven Dive School. With a degree in Eco-Tourism, she has a deep appreciation for the natural beauty and conservation efforts of Koh Tao. From handling your room bookings to assisting with diving reservations, Paewa is your go-to person for all things Koh Tao and diving-related. What sets her apart is her unwavering honesty and straightforwardness; she’ll always give you the real scoop. Paewa’s vibrant personality is contagious, making her a delightful presence in our dive school. She truly is the sunshine of our place, always ready to brighten your day with her infectious enthusiasm.