Freediving and Yoga – Using The Ancient Art of Breathing To Explore Hidden Depths

In order to explore the hidden depths of the sea, we must become acutely aware of a process most of us don’t spare much thought to: our breathing. With my love of the ocean and Yoga it was a no-brainer for me to create a new course in Freediving and Yoga at New Heaven Dive School. Bringing two of my passions together and sharing them with other like-minded individuals has been a great success this past year.


It all started many years ago, growing up as a little kid running around all summer in my red swimming trunks on the shores of the Mediterranean. In those days I was diving down into the sea with my spear gun looking for a good evening meal for my grandmother to cook. From sunrise to sunset I spent the whole day in that wonderful blue water; even as a kid I felt so calm and peaceful in the sea.

Twenty years later I found myself diving again but this time in the seas of the Gulf of Thailand, no longer armed with a spear gun, but with SCUBA gear. As I dove in crystal clear waters, I beheld a world teeming with life. The first time I saw a coral reef, I was filled with awe.

That feeling never left me and I soon made diving a part of my adult life. As a result, The New Heaven Dive School was born, and since 1995 we have been helping others to enjoy the wonders of the ocean here on Koh Tao.

Diving into nature everyday helps to quiet the mind, and that’s exactly what happened to me over the years I was SCUBA diving. Gradually I was drawn towards Yoga, meditation and most of all the yogic practices of Pranayama. This practice helps you to control the mind through the avenue of breath.

Breathing exercises are important so that one can slowly understand the working of, and control the activities of the mind. It was natural for me to put the Pranayama exercises I was learning in my yoga practices to use in my daily excursions into the big blue. After experiencing the benefits of conscious breathing and diving, the idea for a new Freediving and Yoga Course took root.

Today, we offer a number of Freediving and Yoga courses at New Heaven Dive School that run from 1 to 3 days. You can take a 1 day ‘Try Freediving’ course as a beginner and progress all the way up to Level 3, where we teach you how to dive to depths of over 40 meters on a single breath! Please follow the link to see more information about these courses

All of the above courses are fun and exciting. Along with the freediving lessons and Pranayama workshops (Yoga breathing exercises) you’ll also get to take part in evening Hatha Yoga classes, encompassing more yoga practices such as Asana (Postures) Meditation and Relaxation.

Our experienced instructors will help you to explore not only the inner dimension of our blue planet but also the inner dimension of yourself. By enrolling in one of our Freediving and Yoga courses your concentration will become more pointed and focused, you’ll learn how to relax all tension in your body and mind, and you’ll exercise and use your muscles to their maximum capacity. What’s more, by slowing down and gaining control of your breath you can also add years to your life! All of these are useful life skills to learn and can be accessible to you if you are ready to try Freediving and Yoga.

Don’t just take our word for it, come and experience it for yourself. If you have any interest in yoga, or want to explore the sea without any scuba equipment, or even if you’re just curious, please contact us and join the next course.

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