Thailand eShark Project 2015

In 2014, Shark Guardian managed to collect over 4,600 entries into the eShark Database, including sightings of 1,480 sharks from 10 different species. The sightings are submitted by concerned divers around the country, and around the world, in order to evaluate and track population levels for conservation efforts. The data collected is shared with national policy makers such as the Thai Department of Fisheries, as well as international organizations such as the IUCN.
This year, the group is ramping up the project yet again looking to get even more reports on sharks, turtles, marine mammals, and other important marine organisms or problems. From November 2014 – April 2015 they will try to get as many submissions as possible, and need your help to do so.
All divers can contribute to this database, even if you have never seen a shark. In fact, they need to know about the dives you have done and not seen sharks as much as they need the sightings information. Submitting data is easy, and takes only a few minutes, you can submit a couple of dives, or your whole log-book.


  • You can submit data on dives from anytime, they don’t have to have been recent dives providing you still remember what was seen and have the dive info in your logbook.
  • You don’t have to register or sign-up for anything to submit data
  • Observations taken while snorkeling are also welcomed
  • The dives don’t have to have been in Thailand, they can be from anywhere
  • You can also log sightings of seahorses, rays, turtles, whales, jellyfish, and garbage.

By submitting your dive data you can make the great times you had diving even more valuable by contributing to the worldwide monitoring of declining shark populations. So head over to the international database now and give a minute of your time to help protect our sharks.


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