Making the most of your diving holidays

Currently, Koh Tao is ranked as the number one island travel destination by, based on visitor reviews. So you can almost guarantee that your diving holiday to the island will be a great one. With over 30 dive sties, and almost year-round diving availability it doesn’t really matter where you dive, or what time of year you come. But here are some tips that can make your trip to Koh Tao even more enjoyable and hassle free...


Book a room early: Although there are plenty of accommodation choices, in the high season the rooms on Koh Tao can get completely booked, leaving some travelers stranded.

Look-up the resort or dive shop you plan to stay with and see if they are environmentally responsible and participate in Save Koh Tao activities and events.

Read the reviews on and other forums so you won’t have any unexpected surprises

Don’t overpack: most of what you need you can find here, for cheap.

Book the train: for only a few baht more you can get the sleeper train instead of the bus, it is slower, but you will arrive more rested and ready to take on the day.


Request a taxi pick-up from the pier: the local taxi’s can be quite expensive, contact the resort you are staying at to see if they offer free pick-up service.

Avoid renting a motorbike: even small damages can be very costly here, and an accident can ruin your whole vacation. Walk, ride a bike, or use taxi’s instead.

Try the local food shops: your resort probably has great food, but to experience all Koh Tao has to offer be sure to try eating at the local food stalls.

Get involved in other things on your diving holidays: Koh Tao has a lot to offer, from rock climbing, yoga, meditation, wind surfing, hiking, and much more. If you are on a budget, hiking, snorkeling, and site seeing are free!


Dive with a small shop: diving is about enjoying the underwater world, you wouldn’t go for a walk in the forest with 80 other people, why do it in the ocean? At New Heaven you get personalized service, small groups, and a relaxed atmosphere.

Ask about dive time limits: many dive schools on Koh Tao run strict schedules of 45 minute dives, don’t let your fun be cut short. At New Heaven you can dive until you reach 50 bar, there are no time limits.

Choose eco-responsible shops: The reefs of Koh Tao, like all those in the world, are under threat. Please only support those few dive businesses that truly give back to the reefs. At New Heaven we host the island’s longest running and most successful reef management and conservation training program – the NHRCP.

Learn a new skill: fun diving is great, but with all the specialty courses offered you can always continue to improve your skills and expertise. The more you can do underwater, the more you will enjoy it. to really gain confidence, consider the dive master course.

Visit the Artificial Reefs: Koh Tao has some of the most amazing artificial reefs in Thailand. Including the HTMS Sattakut Wreck, the MV Trident Wreck, Buoyancy World, Hin Fai Biorock, and Suan Olan. Not only does your visit to these areas support the work, each has unique and amazing marine life that you won’t always find on the reef.

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