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The charm of diving with us It’s going to be a small, relaxed group, having good conversations, taking care of each other like family members. There are complete services like at home, including hotels, resorts, restaurants by the sea. Cafe on the hill with a magnificent view There are workshops and activities for islanders. And most importantly, it’s also complete about diving as well.


Our New Heaven Dive School used to be a PADI course since the school was founded in 1995, but now New Heaven has switched to the SSI (Scuba Schools International) course which is an international standard. That has been widely accepted around the world for more than 40 years.

The SSI program also offers flexibility in teaching and learning. can adjust the order of teaching It starts with what students can do better to suit each student’s learning. There are also courses and theory to learn via online for learners to review lessons and prepare before learning to dive into practice.

Diving Courses


Take a one-day trial into the underwater world, or take a full 3-day course with the Open Water Course that will provide you with a scuba diving certificate with you to dive around the world.


Our freediving school also teaches and cares. by the owner of the school and his son Founded in 2015, Raid Freediving Instructor Trainer Father Devrim is closely supervised and a team of Level 1 Instructors are trained to be familiar with Koh Tao’s seas by Teacher Dev himself.


New Heaven’s Conservation Diving Team, the NHRCP was established in 2007 for teaching and learning about marine ecology. including biological data collection and repair nourish the underwater ecosystem in the area around Koh Tao. We currently have a marine conservation project and numerous ongoing marine survey and monitoring programs.
Conservation Diver
Conservation Diver