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Freediving New Heaven Dive School
Freediving New Heaven Dive School


New Heaven Freediving

Founded in 2015, our school is led by Devrim, the owner and a highly skilled Raid Freediving Instructor Trainer. With Devrim and his team of well-trained Level 1 Instructors, including his son, you’ll receive expert guidance and care. Discover the depths of Koh Tao’s seas under the watchful eye of our dedicated instructors. Join us and experience the exceptional guidance and expertise that sets us apart in the world of freediving!

Freediving & Yoga

Our Freediving & Yoga courses were designed and developed by Devrim. With his dedication to teaching and a deep understanding of Pranayama Yoga, he not only guides aspiring Freediving instructors but also certifies individuals as yoga teachers. His exceptional knowledge of the science of breathing and his profound love for the deep sea make him a rare gem in Thailand. Join us in the New Heaven style as we explore the depths of the ocean and the power of a single breath.


Line Training

a comprehensive one-day session that allows you to choose and develop various techniques according to your interests. Whether you want to focus on Depth Training, master Equalization techniques at different depths, refine your freediving postures, or explore the art of Pranayama breathing, our program has it all.

Freediving & Yoga Level 1

Over the 3-Day course, you’ll delve into the fascinating realm of Freediving, covering essential theories, skills, equalization techniques, and the profound art of Pranayama yoga, intricately associated with Freediving. Explore the depths of both body and mind as you discover the perfect harmony between breath and movement.

Freediving & Yoga Level 2

Take your underwater exploration to new depths with Freediving & Yoga Level 2, a 5-day journey that delves deeper into the sea and the art of Pranayama. Expand your skill set with new techniques, enhance your dive reflection, and master the art of equalization. Discover the true depths of your potential as a freediver in this transformative course.

Master Freediver

This comprehensive 4-5 days program takes you further into advanced theories, freediving techniques, and the art of Pranayama. Challenge yourself as you delve deeper into the intricacies of the sport, refining your skills and knowledge to become a quality and professional Freediver. Elevate your expertise and unlock new depths of achievement in Freediving.

Instructor Development Program

We are calling all dreamers who have fallen in love with freediving! Our 8-day course to become a Level 1 Freedive Teacher is the perfect opportunity to turn your passion into a fulfilling career. We wholeheartedly believe in nurturing the spirit of teaching. Trust us when we say that the rewards you’ll reap from this experience will make it all worthwhile.