Freediving on Koh Tao - Level 1 Course with Yoga

Discover the Freedom 
So you've been thinking about doing freediving on Koh Tao? You came to the right place. This is a three day SSI Level 1 freediving course combined with yoga. We will teach you how to dive up to 20 meters on a single breath and learn yoga techniques for controlling your energy and mind. We also explore meditation techniques to help you relax whilst you immerse yourself in the underwater world on Koh Tao. Welcome to the beginning of your inner exploration.
  • Day One

    9.00am Introduction to the theory of freediving
    10am Pranayama workshop
    Full yogic breath 
    Anuloma Viloma- introduction to the right and left channels
    11am Lunch
    12pm Swimming pool session teaching breath up training, static apnea to streamline your diving technique
    2pm Break
    6pm Hatha yoga class

  • Day Two
    9am Pranayama workshop
    Introduction to Nadi Shodhana (alternate nostrile breathing)
    Ujayi Pranayama
    12pm Open water line training session - shallow water (8-12m)
    3pm Break
    6pm Hatha yoga class
  • Day Three
    9.00am: Pranayama workshop
    Intoduction to Kumbhaka (internal retention)
    Sitali Pranyama- cooling breath
    Aum chanting
    10.30am Coral reef line training session - deep water (12-20m)
    3pm Break
    6pm Hatha yoga class
In the freediving theory lessons you will learn about the human body with the main focus on physiology and the breath, with a proper breathe-up. In the water you will be introduced to STA (static breath holding), DYN (dynamic swimming horizontal on one breath) and the proper skills and safety in our line training sessions. You will be diving up to 20 meters with FIM (free immersion) and CWT (constant weight).
Koh Tao offers ideal conditions to learn these freediving techniques.
The Pranayama workshops and Hatha yoga sessions are conducted in our wonderful yoga studio overlooking a beautiful scenic bay of Koh Tao.
Take a look at our video from one of our freediving courses here on Koh Tao. If you are ready to explore the beauty of the underwater world and the wonders of your body and mind book with us here 
Duration: 3 days Price 8000 baht

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