Discover new Limits

Freediving & Yoga Level 2

Want to dive deeper?
Experience the serenity past 20m and lets feel the flow of the ‘free-fall’.
It’s said that every human being can dive to depths of around 20 meters, believe it or not it is in our capacity, it is just our fear that limits us. Fear is the mind killer, so we address this in level 1 with certain yoga practices and free diving techniques and get learn how to dissolve this fear and feel that wonderful sense of freedom.
Level 2 however is a different ball game; we attempt to dive to depths up to 30 meters, which is beyond the natural capacity for most people. However with training we can develop our abilities to well beyond this depth. It was only in the 1970’s that the first competition free divers started to really explore where we can take this amazing sport of inner space. Today the best free divers are diving to depths well over 100 meters, and although we are not going anywhere near that, we begin on this level-2course to extend and expand our limits to what we may have though was the impossible just a few days before.
Schedule for Level-2 Free Diving and Yoga
  • Day One
    9.00am; Advance Theory
    10am: Pranayama workshop
    Nadi Shodhana Pranayama (with Internal Retention)
    Introduction to Spinal Breathing- the central channel
    11am Lunch
    12 Noon Swimming Pool Session
    Static Apnea
    Streamline your diving technique
    2pm Break
    6pm Hatha Yoga Class
  • Day Two
    9am Pranayama Workshop
    Introduction to Mudras and Bandhas
    Mula Bandha
    Jalandhara Bandha
    Uddiyana Bandha
    Maha Mudra  
    12 Noon Open water Line session Shallow water Line Training (12-20m)
    3pm Break
    6pm Hatha Yoga
  • Day Three
    9.00am: Pranayama Workshop
    Nadi Shodhana- developing ratios 
    Breath Meditation
    10.30am Line Training day two
    Coral Reef Free Diving Line Training Deep (20-30m)
    3pm Break
    6pm Hatha Yoga
Level-2 course covers Depth Training teamed with theory for further understanding of the human body with advanced equalization techniques and in the open water adapting the skills needed to dive past 20m and up to 30m. Freefall style dives are the main focus of this course so that we can conserve the oxygen and dive deeper and longer comfortably.
During this 3-day course the Pranayama workshops will look at breath holding (Kumbhaka) in particular holding the breath after an inhalation (Antara-Kumbhaka) and developing breath ratios so that we can being to control both the breath and the movement of the mind. Spinal Breathing Pranyama is also introducted which is a poweful practice used to develop and to awaken the inner energy (Kundalini). An introduction to certain bodily maneuvers call Mudras and Bandhas, is also taught which helps to increase and direct energy within the phiscal and subtle bodies.
Via the Breath we are learn how to bring our attention to the movement of energy (Prana) in the body and how to control and manipulate that energy.
Breath meditation is introduces to help one bring more peacefulness and relaxation into ones daily activities as well as the freedives.
Duration: 3 days 

Price 8000 baht

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