Breaking Your Boundaries

Freediving and Yoga Level 3

What are you capable of?
The third and final level of our freediving & Yoga courses, takes you to the level of 'superhuman'. This course is for those who are ready to really explore what it means to be human ands how this ‘Being’ we are blessed with has the capacity to go so much further than you can ever imagine.
Of course it is not normal to dive to depths of over 20 meters, but we have already discovered on level 2 that we can expand our limits, reaching depths of 30 meters on that course. On the level 3 course we want you to learn how you can break all boundaries, and explore the potential within you. 
The maximum depth we have around Koh Tao is 40 meters, we will be taking you there, not only that but we want to train you how to feel comfortable at this level. Diving to these depths with confidence allows you to enjoy the thrill of being in alive in this dimension, flying in the blue of inner space.
Schedule for Level-3 Free Diving and Yoga
  • Day One
    9.00am; Advance Theory
    10am: Pranayama workshop 
    Nadi Shodhana Pranayama (with External Retention)
    Spinal Breathing (Advanced Techniques)
    Deep Meditation- Art of the silent Mind
    11am Lunch
    12 Noon Swimming Pool Session
    Static Apnea
    Dynamic Apnea
    Streamline your diving technique
    2pm Break
    6pm Hatha Yoga Class (Mudras and Bandhas integration)
  • Day Two
    9am Pranayama Workshop
    Mudras and Bandhas (Advanced Techniques)
    Dynamic Jalandhara Bandha
    Bhastrika Pranayama
    Full body Mudra
    Navi Kirya
    Spinal Breathing
    Deep Meditation
    12 Noon Open water Line session
    Shallow water Line Training (20-30 meters)
    FRC Dive Training (exhalation breath-hold diving)
    3pm Break 
    6pm Hatha Yoga (Advanced Yoga Practices)
  • Day Three
    9.00am: Pranayama Workshop
    Full Sitting Practice
    (Tying all practices together from level1/2 and 3) 
    10.30am Line Training day two
    Coral Reef Free Diving to Depth
    Line Training Deep (30-40m)
    3pm Break
    6pm Hatha Yoga (Integration of Practice)
The Level 3 Freediving training focuses on advanced equalization techniques, such as the mouth-fill method, as equalizing will get much more difficult the deeper you go. Pool session will focus on both static and dynamic apnea. Rescue and other skills will also be developed, but again at deeper depths then on previous courses. Both FIM (free immersion) and CWT (constant weight) dives will be conducted to depth of at least 30 meters, we hope we can teach you how to feel comfortable diving to these depths, so training dives will also including diving after exhalations to prepare the lungs and the mind for these deeper dives.
As well as the freediving training this course will develop your pranayama skills to the level of an experienced Yogi. The Pranayama practices are a continuation from levels 1 and 2. Powerful advanced techniques are added that will not only help with your free diving but will also benefit you in all areas of your every day life. The practices are not suppose to be used just for the duration of the course, with daily practices of these advance pranayama techniques, you will find more harmony, abundant energy, more creativity, equanimity of mind, healthier body and more. 
It’s a process, these techniques take time to learn and assimilate but the seeds will definitely be sown once you complete these freediving and yoga courses with us. However we can only help to point you in the right direction to unbounded freedom, the rest is up to you. 
Duration 3 days

Price 8000 baht

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