One Breath

Try Freediving

Are you short on time? Or not sure if freediving is for you? (Of course it is!)

We offer a 1-day course as an introduction to freediving. It is also the first day of our Level 1 freediving program so you can also continue with the full free diving course as you may find that you fall totally in love with this activity. You can choose after this first day experience so it a good way to try and keep your options open.

All the courses start at 9am and generally we start with a little theory followed by a Pranayama class. It is in this class that you will learn how to breath with your full breathing capacity and practice an exercise call ‘The Full Yogic Breath’.

After the classroom learning and exercises are finished it is time to practice the skills you are learn in our swimming pool. The instructor will help you improve your swimming efficiency and technique as well as making some static apnea with you.

Once the swimming pool session is over you finish up with a de-briefing and questions you may have will be answered by our professional instructors. After a few hours break the day finishes with a Hatha Yoga session which takes at our open air Yoga studio with wonderful views over the ocean.
Duration: 1 day
Price 3000 baht

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