Rescue Diver and Emergency First Response

Be a complete Diver and learn how to Rescue and help others while diving

The Rescue diver course is the last step for becoming the complete recreational scuba diver. By this stage you should already be completely comfortable about diving  and have a prerequisite 20 dives. If you are at this level and would like to continue with your diving education then the next step would be the rescue diver course.

In this course the instructors will teach you how to deal with tired and panicked divers, stressed divers under the water, missing divers as well as unconscious divers both above and below the surface. You will also learn how to use and administer oxygen on the boat and how to prepare an ocean evacuation. The course finishes with some final scenarios, which include all the rescue skills and 1st Aid procedures that you learn on the course.

Although the course subject is very serious the course itself is both enjoyable and fun. You will be asked to ‘role play’ and the better your acting ability the more realistic the course will be. Without a doubt this is one of the favourite courses for both instructor and student.

The course takes 2 days and is coupled with a 1st Aid course, which takes another half day. The 1st Aid course is required to be certified as a rescue diver, however if you have an up to date 1st Aid certificate (within the last two years) there is no need to take this part of the rescue course.

Price Rescue Diver 10000 baht 1ST Aid course 4000 baht

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