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Advance Courses for Certified Divers

Dive deeper into Advance Courses with New Heaven

If you already have the Open water certificate or you just made the Open water dive course and you loved it so much you want to learn more, well you can, we offer various advance level diver courses where you can:
  • Improve your Scuba diving skills
  • Learn to dive deeper and longer
  • Dive at night
  • Dive on underwater wrecks
  • Make marine conservation dives
  • Develop rescue and 1st Aid skills
  • Learn photography and underwater video
  • Improve you buoyancy control
  • Improve your knowledge about the underwater environment
  • And much moreā€¦
We hope that you love the Ocean as much as we do and that you would like to add more knowledge, skill and comfort to your dives. If so then one of more of our Advance Diver Courses will definitively help you to do that. Please take a look at the different options we offer. Remember you need to be an Open water diver first before jumping on to these Advance courses, however you can take the courses consecutively, one after the other and even go from beginner to pro in a very short amount of time.

Adventure Diver Course

So once you have completed the Open water course the next step in your evolution of SCUBA diving is to take the Adventure Diver Course. This is a 2/3 day program and your instructor will take you on 5 more Advanced level dives such as Deep diving, Night diving, Navigation and more.


Rescue and Emergency First Response Course

Loving SCUBA and want to devlop your skills still further ? Then the Rescue Diver and Emergency First Response (EFR) course is for you. This is the next step for those who have completed the Adventure Diver program (see above). By this stage you should be feeling confident with your personel diving skills and now want to learn how you can help others. This course takes 2/3 days and is both great fun as well as an excellent education for the serious SCUBA divers.

Marine Conservation

At New Heaven Dive School we value the ocean and the life in it so we make Marine Conservation our main priority. If you also feel the same way and would like to join our professional team of conservationist and marine experts to protect the Seas, please join one of our marine conservation courses and do your part to make a positive impact on your planet.

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