• Daily classes over-looking the bay

    Daily classes over-looking the bay

  • Retreats and Workshops at The Baan Talay Resort

    Retreats and Workshops at The Baan Talay Resort

  • Wake up! It's time for Yoga.

    Wake up! It's time for Yoga.

    Two amazing studios - Yoga for all levels
  • Yoga means union - one with nature

    Yoga means union - one with nature

What is Yoga?

The question of -what is yoga- no longer holds as much mystery in the western world as it use to. With the current explosion of yoga interest in the world most people have at least some idea, and an opinion on the subject.
Heath, flexibility, breath-control, peace of mind, relaxation, spiritual growth and longevity, are just a few words that different people think yoga is; or what yoga can bring to them.
In fact they are all right, as yoga is a complete science of life, and therefore covers all aspects of life whether you are stretching on the mat, sitting for meditation or just getting on with mundane every day activities.
Yoga originated in India many thousands of years ago; it is the oldest system of personal development in the world, encompassing body, mind and spirit. Anyone can practice yoga. You don’t need special equipment or clothes, just a small amount of space and a strong desire for a happier, more fulfilled life.
Many people are drawn to yoga as a way to keep their bodies fit and supple, good to look at, and to live in. Others are seeking help or relief for a specific complaint, like tension or backache. Some are merely impelled by a sense that they are not getting as much out of life as they could be. Whatever your reason, with regular practice, yoga can be a tool, clearing the obstacles and giving you both what you came for, and more.
To understand what yoga is all about you need to experience it for yourself, don’t blindly believe what you read or hear, understand from your own experience.
At first glance it seems to be little more than a series if physical postures, which keep the body lean and flexible. But in time, anyone who continues with regular practice becomes aware of subtle changes in their approach to life – for through persistently toning and relaxing the body and stilling the mind, you being to glimpse a state of inner peace which is your true nature.

Yoga at New Heaven

There are only a few places you can learn yoga on the island, at New Heaven we are offering a range of yoga activities from daily classes to workshops and retreats, so whether you are a beginner or an experienced practitioner you will be able to find something that suits you.

What Type of Yoga do we Offer at New Heaven?

Hatha Yoga
Our Hatha Yoga classes take place every day at our dive school location at 6pm-7.30 pm. Yoga techniques such as asana, pranayama, and mediation are taught to help one bring balance and ...?

Kundalini Yoga These classes take place at our dive school location both in the early morning and evening Classes. Kundalini yoga works in awaken internal energy which is location in the lower part of the spine and raising that energy through the subtle body opening and alining the chakras with body postures and breath work. These classes are suitable for both advance and beginner practcioners.

AYP Yoga
Daily AYP classes take place at our sister resort Baan Talay. These yoga classes take place at our amazing yoga studio, which is located in the tropical forest over looking the ocean. AYP means advance yoga practices however do not think that the ‘advance’ part means difficult, AYP is on offer to all levels of practioners from beginner to
Yoga Workshops
Workshops are a great way to learn a new practice or sadhana (dedicated spiritual practice) in a specialized area that you may be interested in. We offer a range of workshops, some for just a day and others for 3 days. If any of our workshops listed below interest you please be sure to check in with us.
Marma therapy (Yoga massage)
Pranayama (Yoga breathing)
Shatkarmas (Yoga detox)
Nutrition and food
Yoga Nidra (Yoga relaxtion)
Yoga for free diving
Yoga Retreats
3-day retreats(Yoga Holidays)
7-day retreats
Teacher Training
AYP teacher training
As you can see we offer an extensive range of yoga activities, if you need more information about any of these activities please take a look through our website site or contact us to find out more.

Daily classes

Retreats and Workshops

Yoga for Free Diving

Teacher Training

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