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‘Tis the High Season

We’re welcoming divers at New Heaven as the low season comes to an end. The sun is out and our sandy shores invite travelers from all around the world who are looking for a dose of tropical this winter.

Around the shop, the pace is picking up as people come for DSDs or Discover Scuba Diving, a one day course for anyone interested in getting a taste of Koh Tao’s underwater world. Many love it so much that they continue on to complete their Open Water course and leave the island a certified diver.

For those who’d rather go without the gear, our freediving courses are also available—Level 1 gets you down to 20 meters! Experience the freedom of and tranquility of diving with only your breath.

On a drier note, don’t miss sunset yoga, taught daily at the school at 5:30 pm. It can be nice to decompress and relax after a long dive.

If you’re planning a visit we have a few recommendations:

Check out our video on how to get from the ferry to New Heaven Dive School here.
Though monsoon season is over, occasional rainfall is common. Pack a rain jacket!
New Heaven offers a variety of accommodation options, you can browse them here.
Wifi on the island is limited. If you’re worried about connectivity, you can buy a sim card for your phone at convenience stores around the island.
Koh Tao gets close to a million visitors each year and as the island doesn’t have a large scale disposal system, trash becomes an issue.

What you can do to help preserve our island and minimize your impact during your stay:

  • Bring a reusable water bottle or coffee cup. At many restaurants, you can fill up your reusable water bottle for free.
  • Say no to plastic bags and plastic straws. Did you know that just in the United States, over 500 million plastic straws are used each day! Think about how many that is on a global scale!
  • Bring a reusable Tupperware container to take food to go or save leftovers for later.
  • If you smoke, properly dispose of cigarette butts. Much of the trash on the streets goes directly into the ocean which alters the ecosystem and harms marine life.
  • Eat at locally owned restaurants. The livelihood of many of the locals depends on the tourism industry and supporting their business helps the local economy. Likewise, shop at locally owned convenience stores. Empower the local people!
  • Limit your consumption of imported items. They represent a high carbon footprint from transportation emissions and don’t sustain the local economy.
  • If you see trash on the beach, feel free to pick it up. Many dive schools (including New Heaven) have daily or weekly beach cleanups. Ask about times and feel free to join!
  • Take photos, not shells.
  • Bring eco-friendly sunscreen. Most sunscreens have chemicals that harm coral and other marine animals. Also, remember to apply sunscreen 40 minutes before going in the water to reduce the risk of sunburn and prevent sunscreen from coming off into the water.

We look forward to sharing our island paradise with you. If you have any questions, want to know more about our programs, or want to make reservations, contact us at

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